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Inhouse - Powertalk

Succeed in critical situations - winning ways with rhetorical skills

What you learn

Rhetorical skills for more personal impact• Power up your personal impact – especially in spontaneous situations• Use your voice and diction well to raise attention levels and reinforce your arguments (dictaphone-check!)• Use dramatic pauses consciously to let your messages take effect• Use key gestures to anchor your main message(s) in your audience’s mind• Convince and inform in just 3 minutes: HPS Blitz-Info and HPS Blitz-Proposal• Spontaneous speaking with no time to prepare: the HPSpresso® Method• Objections, disturbances and attacks: keep the relationship level intact and stay firmly on track• “Hammer home your message”:  consciously and repeatedly anchor your key messages• During the preparation phase, a discussion with the trainer allows the contents and main focuses of the seminar to be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. This discussion also provides the trainer with important information about the participants.

Bei dieser Veranstaltung handelt es sich um eine Inhouse-Veranstaltung.

What you gain

You will learn how to address audience needs and interests comprehensively and to incorporate them into your arguments.   You will know how to "think on your feet" and put a winning case together that is totally convincing in a very short time. You   will be trained on how to effectively deal with resistance and   disturbances throughout your presentation and how to protect your   arguments from sabotage.

This seminar can be held online or in presence.
This is a perfect training for experienced communicators, managers, team leaders, and consultants. The training is indispensable if you are often requested to speak spontaneously to a group. It is a reinforcement tool if you are dealing with resistance during your presentations and need to know how to neutralize the opposition with confidence.
5 bis 10
frei Vereinbar

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