NetApp - ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (NA-MCCIIW) - Live-Online-Training


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NetApp - ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (NA-MCCIIW) - Live-Online-Training

Kurssprache ist Deutsch, Schulungsunterlagen in Englisch in digitaler Form. Zielgruppe: NetApp customers, partners, and employees. Zielsetzung: MetroCluster software is a unique high-availability and disaster-recovery solution. This is an advanced course where you will learn how to install, configure and administer a MetroCluster environment. Hands-on labs, available in the ONTAP 9 environment, allow you to practice setting up the configuration, identify component failures and practice recovery steps. Dieses Seminar führen wir in Kooperation mit der Fast Lane GmbH durch.

Module 1: MetroCluster Overview - MetroCluster Introduction: Define MetroCluster, Describe MetroCluster Architecture, Configuration Replication Service (CRS), Limitations - MetroCluster supported configuration: Controllers, Shelves, Switches and ISL configuration, FAS8020, FAS8040, FAS8060 and FAS8080EX, FlexArray virtualization support - MetroCluster implementation overview, Setup - MetroCluster configuration tools and documentation: Hardware, Materials, Technical content Module 2: MetroCluster Cabling - Disk requirements - Plex SyncMirror overview - Shelf IDs - Cabinet Layout - LUN layout with FlexArray storage virtualization software - ATTO FibreBridge - Cabling Shelves to Bridges - Cabling Bridges to FC switches - Controller Cabling: Cluster Interconnect, FC-VI Interconnect, Onboard ports or HBAs, CRS, Management and data LIFs - FC switch cabling - Switch alternatives: Brocade 6505 and 6510, Cisco 9148 Module 3: Bridge and Switch Configuration - ATTO FibreBridge configuration - Brocade FC switch configuration - FC switches: Configuration, RCF domains, RCF ports and zone settings - Brocade ISL configuration: Calculating and setting distance, Verifying, OOD configuration – ONTAP 9 and later Module 4: Cluster Configuration - Controller configuration - Setup - Disk ownership - FlexArray storage virtualization software - Cluster setup Module 5: MetroCluster Configuration - MetroCluster setup: Prerequisites, Peer relationship, Mirror aggregates, Create mirrored data aggregates, Enable configuration replication, MetroCluster configure command - MetroCluster verification: Disk ownership fields, Monitor FC switches, Monitor FibreBridge devices, Cluster status, MetroCluster plug-in - CLI health monitoring: Node verification, Components, CRS component, Interconnect mirror - OnCommand unified manager: Connectivity monitoring, Replication monitoring, Events and alerts - SVM configuration in a MetroCluster environment: Setup, CLI, Automatic creation Module 6: Failure Scenarios - Failures: Bridge, Switch or switch port, Single path, Shelf, CRS, ISL, Single HA node, Double HA node, Data center site - Switchover types: Simulation, Negotiated switchover, Non-negotiated switchover, Switchover operation, Switchback - Switchback process Module 7:Tiebreaker Configuration - Tiebreaker software - Disaster Detection - Normal operation - Tiebreaker installation: Service operations, Configuration, Commands, Monitor creation, AutoSupport, SNMP

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NetApp customers, partners, and employees.
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